Service Level Agreement for Panopto Department Administrators

Panopto Department Administrators have the permissions to administrator department folders and any corresponding subfolders and Panopto sessions. They control a specific folder for a college, department or other unit, and associated content within that folder which includes folder settings. 

A Panopto Department Folder allows a specific college, department or other such unit to designate a folder within Panopto specifically for its own use. The folder can be tailored with specific branding that automatically cascades to its subfolders and sessions. 

Any University of Maryland (UMD) faculty or staff member can request a Panopto Department Administrator and create a Panopto Department Folder if desired. 

Please complete the Request for Administrator Access to Enterprise Instructional Technology Systems form to be added as a Panopto Department Administrator.

NOTE: All Panopto Department Administrators are required to complete the form, which must be approved before being added into Panopto. Panopto Department Administrators will be added within 24 hours of the initial request.