Request Professional Captioning for Panopto Videos

Instructors can request professional captioning of videos uploaded in Panopto within an ELMS-Canvas course space or via Panopto hosted, using the Panopto Professional Caption Form.

It is important to note that in order to use professional captioning, videos must first be stored in Panopto. Faculty can create videos using Panopto or upload videos directly to Panopto. For more information, visit the Comprehensive Guide to Panopto for Instructors which contains directions on how to create, upload, and share Panopto videos within an ELMS-Canvas course.

There are two ways instructors can access the Panopto professional captioning form.

Option 1: Using Panopto Captioning Form from the ELMS-Canvas navigation menu

  1. Login to ELMS-Canvas with your UMD credentials and navigate to your course.
  2. Select the Settings link in your ELMS-Canvas course.
  3. Select the Navigation tab.
  4. Select and drag the Panopto Captioning item to the top of the list of navigation items or select the settings
  5. icon and select Enable.

    Panopto captioning settings using drag and drop.

  6. Select the Save button at the bottom of the page.
  7. Select Panopto Captioning from the Navigation menu to request professional captioning.
  8. Complete then submit the Request Professional Captioning form.

Option 2: Using the Caption Request form in the Help menu within Panopto

  1. Login to Panopto hosted and select Panopto Canvas.
  2. Select Sign-In and enter your UMD credentials.
  3. Select the Help drop-down in the upper right-hand corner of the page under your user name.
  4. Select the Caption Request form.
  5. Complete and submit the Request Professional Captioning form.

It is important to note that instructors cannot edit the video while professional captioning is being processed and that they cannot monitor the status of any professional caption requests. For more information about the caption status of your requests, please contact

Once professional captions are ordered, instructors cannot edit the video within Panopto. The video is only available for viewing, adding notes, discussions, and bookmarks until the video is captioned.