Mainframe Developer Access Request Form

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What is the form?

The Mainframe Developer Access Request form is used by DIT to request access for developers to the Mainframe applications including Student Information Systems (SIS), Student Accounts Receivable (SAR), Campus Parking (DCP), Remission of Fees (RFE), Financial Aid for Financial Aid staff only (FIN) and instructions for Advise on the Web and Degree Navigator.


Who can use the form?

This form is for the Division of Information Technology (DIT) staff who need access to any of the systems listed above. 


Complete the form

If you are requesting access for yourself, the only required fields are Manager and Environment under Approval Request heading. By default, the top part of the form will list your information as the person requesting access.

If you are requesting access for someone else, click the drop-down arrow next to your name and a new field, Requested for, will appear.

To complete the form, follow the steps below.

  1. Manager: Click the down arrow key to select a manager from the list. If the manager's name is not on the list, click the checkbox next to I don't see my Manager Listed Above in order to select a manager from the list of all managers.
  2. Environment: Select one of the available options; Development, Production or Both. If one of the applications is selected; Student Applications, Financial Applications, Business Applications or Other Applications, a written justification in the Reason to Request Access field is required.
    Complete one of the available options.
  3. Specific Datasets: Use the Specific Datasets section at the bottom of the form to request access to the specified datasets. 
    • Click the Add button. The Add Row window will open. Fill out the form and click Add. If access to all datasets with the same qualifiers is needed, attach the list of the datasets by clicking the Add attachments button below the Submit button.
      NOTE: If you are unsure what datasets to choose, reach out to Production Control directly before submitting the form. 
      At the bottom of the form, request access to the specified datasets.
  4. The dataset information will be added to the Specific Datasets section. Click Submit
  5. Read the statement in the popup and click Yes I agree to the Mainframe Access Statement of Understanding.
  6. A confirmation dialog box will appear on the screen showing your Order Status that includes the Request Item, Order Item and the stage of the process.Order status


After submitting the form

Approval requests will be sent out to assigned data stewards for each requested data set.

You will be notified about your access usually within a few days. You can check the status of your request at any time by clicking the My Cases in the navigation menu on the IT Support page.