Networked Storage Service Share Request

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The Division of IT at the University of Maryland offers this service to the campus research, academic and administrative community to provide unstructured data storage at a competitive cost. The Networked Storage Service is a networked storage solution hosted by EMC's Isilon NAS storage arrays.

Who can request

This service is only available for university research, academic and administrative departments, and affiliates. Students and student groups will not be permitted use of the NSS without a departmental sponsor who can provide a technical and administrative contact and a Kuali Financial System (KFS) account for chargeback.

When requesting a CIFS/SMB Share on use on Windows or Mac OS systems, all users that need to map the share must have a University of Maryland Active Directory ( account.


How to request 

Complete the Networked Storage Service Share Request form.  Steps are outlined below to ensure successful submission.

  1. Contacts

    The primary point-of-contact is the Primary Owner for this requested service item. Primary Owners will have the ability to view and manage their shares through the dashboard. Additional Owners will possess the same rights and responsibilities as the primary point-of-contact.
    Illustration for entering Primary and additional Contacts
  2. Security

    This is the Data Classification Level. If you are unsure what classification the data should be, see University of Maryland Data Classification Standards.

    • Enter a Share Name and select a Protocol. One or both protocols must be selected (you cannot leave this blank).

      It is suggested to use a naming convention that makes the share easily identifiable for use cases. Lower-case alphanumeric and the ‘-‘ characters are allowed.

      Illustration for creating a share name
    • Share access control lists.

      Access control lists permit network endpoints to map or mount the NSS share. For SMB, there is additional control to allow campus Active Directory users and groups to map the shares.

      • NSS Share Network Access Control List for SMB Protocol enter an IP address, DNS name or CIDR block and click Add.
        Illustration of what to enter for NSS Control List
        Host access control lists for the SMB protocol is not required for Level 1 and Level 2 data. It is required for Level 3.

      • AD User Permissions for SMB Access.

        Enter a valid AD User name, select the permission (None, ReadOnly, Read/Write), click Add.
        Illustration for adding an AD user and permissions
        AD users specified here can map the drive to read or read/write data into the share. More granular NTFS permissions can be added from within the share.

      • AD Group Permissions.

        Enter a valid AD Group name, select the permission (None, Read, Read/Write), click Add.
        Illustration for adding an AD group and permission
        AD groups specified here can map the drive to read or read/write data into the share. More granular NTFS permissions can be added from within the share.

      • Quota (in GB).

        Enter an integer for a hard-quota for the share in GB. This figure will be the ceiling on the costs for the share. Quotas can be adjusted as needed after share creation.
        Illustration for setting a quota for the share.

  3. Financial Details.

    Enter a KFS Account number, Brief Description for Financial Approvals.  Review the SLA agreement, then check to acknowledge that you have read it.
    Illustration for entering financial details
  4. Notification Preferences.

    Add individual contacts, UMD Shared or Group account email addresses for email notifications. Click Submit when finished.
    Illustration for entering notification preferences 


Approval process

After the request has been successfully submitted, it will be awaiting approval by the KFS account number’s Fiscal Officer. Once the KFS Fiscal Officer has approved the request, the share will be created by the Networked Storage group. Billing will begin after the KFS Fiscal officer approves the request.


Approved networked storage service share request

Once approved, the customer will receive an email regarding the approval.

Approved Networked Storage Service Share Requests will appear on the customer’s dashboard under Storage.

Illustration of Storage Share listing


View details, modify or delete

  1. From the Dashboard for Storage, click the Share Name to view the details. You can also modify or delete the share from the details view.
    Illustration for Viewing the Share details
  2. From the Details view, you can modify or delete the share.

    A request to Modify an Isilon Share will allow you to make changes to your original request. Once the modification request has been successfully submitted, it will be awaiting approval by the customer’s Business Manager and Networked Storage group.

    To modify, click Request to Modify the Islion Share. To delete, click Request to Delete Isilon Share:

    Illustration for modifying or deleting the share
    Illustration for additional details for the share
    Notification Preferences can be modified from the very bottom of Details view:
    Illustration for modifying the contacts


Connect to the share