Networked Storage Service Requests

This article will walk you through the process for requesting UMD Networked Storage Services.

The Networked Storage Service is a networked storage solution hosted by EMC's Isilon NAS storage arrays. EMC Isilon has been a leading provider of highly redundant and ultra-scalable data storage to many research institutions and universities.

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Who can request


How to request

  1. Visit the DIT Service Desk.  Click Find Services.
    Illustration for clicking Find Services from the DIT Service Desk Menu
  2. From Frequently Requested Services, click Networked Storage Service Share Request.
    Illustration for clicking Networked Storage Request Share Service from Services
  3. The Networked Storage Service Share Request should open.
    Illustration from the Networked Storage Service Share Request
    From here, you would fill in Sections 1 through 5 then click submit.  Sections 1 through 5 are explained below.

    • Step 1-Contacts.

      The Primary Owner will automatically populate for the person filling out the form, and will be the primary point-of-contact for this requested service item. They will be able to view and manage the items through the dashboard. Additional owners allow you to enter multiple points-of-contact for each service item. Those individuals will have the same rights and responsibilities as the primary point-of-contact.
      Illustration for Step 1 Contacts
    • Step 2

Step through the form

Process for approval (how long)

Who has to approve

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