Refund Shipping

After placing online orders that include shipping, circumstances may lead customers to pick up their orders in-store. When certain inventory is unavailable at a given time, we may contact customers to suggest holding their orders for in-store pick-up. When this happens, we must refund the affected customers for shipping when they pick up their orders in-store.

To refund shipping for an online order:

  1. In the Invoice, select the shipping charge.
  2. Click the Return button and select Selected line only to create a new Invoice.
  3. Add an Internal Note that we are refunding the shipping.
  4. Save the new Invoice. 
  5. Switch to the new Invoice's Payment tab. Process the refund on the credit card terminal.
  6. Click Other.
  7. Click Refund.
  8. Enter the Total from the new Invoice and press the green Enter key.
  9. Print a Merchant Copy and Customer Copy.
  10. Print two new Invoices and attach the credit card terminal receipts.
  11. Our copy will go in the credit card spot of the cash drawer.