Connect to Wired Ethernet at Residence Halls, South Campus Commons, and Courtyards


Current residents who would like to connect their devices to wired Ethernet at residence halls, South Campus Commons, and Courtyards should follow these steps.

How to register a device

  1. Log in to
  2. Click Device then Managed Device.
    • You will see any devices you currently have registered.
  3. Click "" Create.
  4. Enter your device's wired MAC address.
    • If you are using an adaptor or built-in Ethernet port, this article has instructions on finding MAC Addresses on Mac and Windows operating systems.
    • Ethernet adaptors often include the MAC address on the adaptor. It can typically be found in the device's product packaging as well.
    • A MAC address will look like this example: 12:3a:45:6b:78:9c.
  5. Enter a Device Name.
  6. Click the Term of Use checkbox.
  7. Click Create.
    • Ignore the Wi-Fi password displayed on the registration page.
  8. Connect your device to the wall jack and it will connect to the internet automatically.
    • Restarting your computer is recommended.
    • NOTE: For Courtyards residents, connect your device to any of the wall jacks: Eth1,2, 3 in your room. None of these ports are phone jacks as this option is not available in the dorm rooms.