Storage Services Managed by the Division of IT

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Primary storage services

  Centralized data center storage Network storage service UMD box UMD Google Drive Google Cloud ELMS-Canvas
Use case

Highly transactional workflows, databases, applications, BI analysis, and supporting tools.
This service is available for campus departments through the on-prem VSH service.

File storage, system processing data, media editing, system data repositories.

File and data storage for Research Data High-Risk Data, including for administrative and teaching purposes.

Box Workflows
Box Notes.

Sharing files with Box collaborators outside the university. 

Securely Co-authoring Microsoft files.

File storage, endpoint access, mobile access, collaboration.
 For storage of a high amount of low or moderate-risk data requires extensive, flexible partnership.

Storing Moderate risk data for use with cloud computing resources. Ideal for short to medium-term research and administrative workloads for long-term archival storage.

Cloud Storage Options | Google Cloud

Files related to teaching and learning, coursework.
Storage capacity Variable upon request. Variable upon request.

Individual Account Storage Allocation: 500GB.

Group Account Storage Allocation: 1 TB.

Increases may be requested by providing a descr
iption of use case and need. Requirements above 5TB are subject to chargeback.

Subject to change in 2023. Limited only by your funding.  
Supported file types Any Any Any Any    
Approved UMD data classification types High High Moderate Moderate    
Access controls Access per VSH machine NFS Network ACL
SMB AD user or group.
UMD user ID UMD user ID Google Cloud Roles
UMD user ID
Bucket ACLs

Supported protocols Native fibre-channel or iSCSI block access NFS 3 and NFS 4
HTTPS and Native Applications HTTPS and Native Applications    
Mobile access support No VPN Access through SMB 3 Web and Native Application Access Web and Native Application Access Native with Application also off-line available  
Encryption at rest Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes  
Encryption in transit No, dedicated private storage network NFS 4 and NFS 3 - No
SMB 3 - Yes
Yes Yes Yes if configured  
Backup services Included with managed VSH support otherwise, not included Included and defaults to 14 days.  Can be updated upon request. 14 days via UMD Box Policy Included for faculty, staff and graduate assistants    
Service cost $.03 / GB provisioned / month + VSH costs $0.018 / GB used / month $189 per TB per Year beyond 5 TB default (Available for Group Accounts only) Subject to change in 2023 Google Cloud Pricing Calculator   

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Backup storage services

Google is not a service used for backup or long-term archival.  DIT has backup services for scheduled backup services, with a defined retention policy and long-term archival storage, at a reasonable cost. . Backup services will generally do the following things.

  Workstation Backup service UMD Data Protection service VM Backup service -Veeam AWS backup
Available to hosts UMD Staff Laptops and Workstations On-Prem and Cloud On-Prem VSH Service AWS Compute Server
Use case Backing user files stored on laptops and workstations. Backup file systems for most any data. It provides a variety of retention policies and is compliant with USM standards. Can natively backup popular database systems. Virtual Machine protection for VM's hosted in DIT VMware environments. Crash-consistent backups only. Snapshot protection for EC2 instances in the Cloud VSH environment. Crash-consistent backups only.
Retention policies 90 days 14, 30, 90 or 180 days 14 days 14 to 30 days
Scheduled backup times Every 30 minutes Daily between 20:00 and 16:00 Daily between 20:00 and 00:00 Two times per day 12:00 and 00:00
Estimated recovery time from restore initiation Variable depending on users network connectivity 13 minutes per TB 13 minutes per TB 13 minutes per TB
Backup locations Uses SaaS-vendor provided cloud storag Two copies with > 25-mile geographic distance Single copy in separate location Single copy in the same Availability Zone as instance
Encryption in transit Yes, SSL Encryption in Transit Yes, SSL Encryption in Transit No, dedicated private backup network Yes, AES 256-bit Encryption
Approved UMD data classification types High High Moderate High
Cost $86.00 / user / year with up to 4 devices per user $.05 / GB protected / month Included with VSH managed service Charged at storage rate for snapshot data per machine

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Archive and Long-term Retention Storage services are also primary storage services, but due to the nature of the data, provide a measurably reduced time to store and retrieve data. Depending on the business policy, archive data can also be subject to expiration dates. However, the services below will not enforce retention policies. It will be up to the customer to develop a mechanism to enforce retention according to the University records schedule.

When selecting an Archive or Long-term Retention Storage Service, select a service that best meets your workflow and cost requirements. Cloud archive services such as Amazon S3 Glacier Deep Archive often require manual workflows and reduced access times that may cost more in administration and management than a tiered storage service such as the Networked Storage Service. Similarly, the Networked Storage Service may be cost-prohibitive for large datasets that would benefit from manual efforts to move static data to more cost-effective services.

  Networked Storage Service AWS S3 Glacier Deep Archive Google Cloud Storage
Use case Automated tiered archiving for production workflows for any data type. Recommended for data that needs to be accessed spontaneously and for customers who are constantly referencing data sets. If your department has an AWS account, you can set up S3 buckets to archive to Glacier Deep Archive. This is recommended for large, static data sets.

Long term File storage in object-based storage. Good for:

  • Videos
  • Image and web asset libraries
  • Data lakes
  • Backups
  • Media archives
  • Long-tail content
  • Meet regulation or compliance requirements

Cloud Storage Options | Google Cloud  

Coldline Storage: Very low cost. Good for data that can be stored for at least 90 days, including disaster recovery.

Archive Storage: Lowest cost. Good for data that can be stored for at least 365 days, including regulatory archives.

Available via Networked Storage Service Departmental AWS Accounts GCS Buckets
Encryption at rest Yes Yes, configurable Yes
Encryption in transit Yes, SMB3 only Yes, configurable Yes if configured
Tiered service Yes Configurable Yes
Expected retrieval times Approx. 10ms per read with 20 Gbps throughput Approx. 48 hrs for bulk retrieval
Approx. 12 hrs for standard retrieve

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