Add UMD Gmail to Microsoft Outlook for Windows

To set up Microsoft Outlook in Windows to work with UMD email, you must install the Google Workspace sync tool. The sync tool will sync your Outlook email, calendar, and UMD address book with UMD email.

  1. Sign into UMD Email from a web browser.
  2. Download the Google Workspace Sync Tool.
  3. Run the set up installer.
    Google Sync Windows Installer
  4. Click Yes if prompted to allow the app to make changes to your device.
    App Security Warning
  5. The installation will begin. When the installation is complete, open the Set up a Sync user app.
  6. A web browser should open. When prompted, click Continue.
    Click Continue to sign into G Suite Sync
  7. When prompted, enter your full UMD email address. Click Continue.
  8. Click Allow at the bottom of the next page. You will receive a message that authorization has been granted.
    G Suite Sync set up is complete message
  9. Launch and set up your UMD account in Microsoft Outlook.
  10. Allow Google Workspace sync all of your mail and calendar. It might take some time. For reference, to sync 1,000 emails it might take up to 8-10 hrs.
  11. The sync tool will be located in the System Tray in the lower Right corner of your computer screen.
    The G Suite Sync Tool icon
  12. Go to the System Tray and click the Google Workspace sync utility. A window will appear showing the sync progress. The utility syncs mail in an order from the most current to the most oldest. You can send/respond to the emails and use MS Outlook while the sync tool downloading older email and calendar items.
    G Suite Sync Status