Use Thunderbird for UMD Email

If you have not done so, download and install the latest version of Thunderbird. This will only work with the latest version.

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UMD existing email account

  1. Make sure that IMAP is enabled for your UMD email account.
  2. Open Thunderbird. From the menu, navigate to File - > New -> Existing Mail Account.
    Illustration for navigating to File and Existing Mail Account from Thunderbird Menu
  3. Enter your name and Email address.
    If you are using a Mac computer, click Manual config.
    Illustration for clicking Manual Config for Setting up Existing Email account
    From a Windows computer, click Continue.
    Illustration from a Windows Computer click Continue
  4. At first, Thunderbird will not be able to log into UMD email. On the next screen, fill in the settings for IncomingOutgoing, and Username. Click Re-test.
    • Incoming IMAP: Server hostname is
    • Outgoing SMTP:  Server hostname is, SSL/TLS.

    Illustration for IMAP and SMTP Settings for Thunderbird

  5. Change the Authentication for IMAP and SMTP to OAuth2. Click Done.
    Illustration for setting Authentication to OAuth2
  6. You will be prompted to sign in with your UMD Google Account. Enter your full email address. Click Next.
    Illustration for entering your full umd email address
  7. On the next screen, click Organizational Google Workspace Account.
  8. Log in using Duo. Click Allow to give Mozilla Thunderbird email access to your Google account.
    Illustration to click Allow for Mozilla Thunderbird to access your Google Account
  9. You will be prompted again to log into your Gmail account (step #6, above). This second authentication is necessary for sending email. You should be all set up to send and receive UMD email from Mozilla Thunderbird.


Read without an email account

To read the mailbox file without an account, you must set a fake account.

  1. Enter values in the name and email address for Setting up an Existing Email Address.  Use something similar to as the email address. Click Configure manually.
    Illustration for setting a fake email address in Thunderbird
  2. On the next screen, click Advanced config.
    Illustration for clicking Advanced config
  3. Click OK to confirm the fake email address set up.
    Illustration for clicking OK to set the Thunderbird fake email address