Micro Replay Liquid Damage Repair

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What is Micro Replay?

Terrapin Tech now offers a third party vendor to send liquid damage computers. Previously, we only offered sending liquid damage Apple laptops to Apple as Tier 4 Mail-ins. Now, we can offer customers to choose between sending to Apple or Micro Replay, which is a respected third party repair shop and is renowned for liquid damage repairs. Many of our liquid damage Safeware computers have been sent to Micro Replay to be serviced.


Apple vs. Micro Replay

Compared to Apple's liquid damage repair process, Micro Replay's repair process differs in many ways. First, Micro Replay's rate is cheaper than Apple's, as shown below. Second, Apple's Repeat Repair warranty is only 90 days, whereas Micro Replay's is 1 year. Finally, Apple replaces all parts that are affected by the liquid intrusion, but Micro Replay actually repairs the components and integrated circuits that are damaged by the liquid intrusion. Because Micro Replay repairs the individual components, the repair process takes around 2-3 weeks.


Eligibility and prices

Currently, only select Apple laptops are eligible to be sent to Micro Replay. Micro Replay does not service 2019 Apple laptops. As a disclaimer, please refer to Micro Replay as "third party vendor" when speaking to the customers about their liquid damage repair options.

Apple vs Micro Replay Price Difference


Next steps

  1. Technicians offer to back up customer's data.
  2. Have customer verify data.
  3. Store side employees assist customer to pay for the Micro Replay mail-in. The SKUs for the Micro Replay mail-ins start with MR-LDR.
  4. Store side employees put computer on "Order a Part" shelf and change ticket status to "Part Needed". Also, please make a note in the ticket that the repair was paid for.
  5. A full-time staff contacts Micro Replay to set up the mail-in. The whole process will take around 2-3 weeks.
  6. A full-time staff or a student lead ships the computer out.