eduroam Settings and Certificate

The eduroam network encrypts traffic between your device and the wireless infrastructure. Ensuring your device is correctly configured helps maintain the security of your connection. Part of this is ensuring your device has the proper CA cert installed and validated. 

Certificate Authority certificates must be stored in users’ local certificate stores. This allows the user’s supplicant to verify the authenticity of the certificate communicated to the supplicant at association/authentication time. It is very helpful if the user first connects to eduroam at the home institution for testing and debugging as well as being presented with the RADIUS server certificate. This helps to mitigate the risk of man-in-the-middle attacks.

The SecureW2 app is one way to ensure that your device gets connected properly and that the certificate on your device is correct and validated. If that method is not working, or you'd like to set up the connection yourself, use the following settings, and install the required certificate that is attached at the bottom of this article. 

ESSID (Network Name): eduroam
Network Type: Infrastructure (or Access Point)
Network Authentication: 
Data Encryption: 
Authentication Method/Protocol: MSCHAP-v2
Trusted Root Certification Authorities: DigiCert
Server name:

For more information on how to connect to eduroam, see the following links.