Guide To DIT Issued Apple Computers

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Before setting up your DIT issued computer

During the initial setup, you will need the following information that should have been provided as part of your onboarding process:

University Credentials

Asset Tag

NOTE: Make sure you are registered for multi-factor authentication.

Setting up the computer

Upon powering up the computer, you will be prompted to complete a series of setup screens.

  1. Complete the manufacturer setup.
    • Language and keyboard selection.
  2. The UMD ownership notification screen will prompt you to:
    • Enter your university credentials.
  3. A loading gear icon will appear to demonstrate that your computer is being set up.
    • This could take up to 5 minutes.
  4. Enter your asset tag.
  5. A status window will display as the machine is configured.
  6. Click finish.
  7. Watch the brief video explaining how to use the IT Self-Support app, troubleshoot, and request accessories for your computer.
  8. You will see a confirmation window and links to important information.
  9. Click complete.

IT Self-Support app

The IT Self-Support app empowers employees to easily perform various tasks like downloading software, connecting to printers, performing basic troubleshooting. and links to relevant information and request forms. It comes installed on DIT Apple computers. The IT Self-Support icon can be found in your Dock.

Software downloads from TERPware

TERPware is a software distribution service for University of Maryland (UMD) students, faculty, and staff. TERPware offers a wide variety of software packages at no charge, including site-licensed products from Adobe, Microsoft, and other vendors. Software packages include programs for operating systems, office applications, and anti-virus. The university pays for the licenses through agreements with vendors; this allows students, faculty, and staff to use the programs available through TERPware free of charge.  The TERPware server is regularly updated, so patches and upgrades for UMD-supported software are consistently available.

To download programs from TERPware, you need a valid UMD Directory ID and passphrase and a compatible Web browser.

Privileges admin rights app

Administrative access to university machines will allow software outside of the IT Self-Support application and TERPware to be downloaded and installed. This access cannot be permanently granted due to security concerns. The Privileges app can activate on-demand administrative rights temporarily and is installed on all DIT Apple computers.

Locating installed applications

After installing applications from IT Self-Support, TERPware, or the internet, you can access them by following these steps.

  1. Click the Finder icon.
  2. Click Go.
  3. Click Applications from the drop-down menu.
  4. Locate the application icon you are looking for.

Support for this computer

The IT Self-Support app can run a series of troubleshooting actions like clearing your computer’s cache and restarting the machine.  If your issue requires further assistance fill out this form to request support for your DIT issued computer. You will be contacted shortly to begin the process. The service desk offers support relating to university systems and services. Many questions can be answered by searching the DIT Knowledge Base but you can chat with a service desk agent online or submit a service request online if you prefer.

Turning in your machine

If you are turning in a computer while remaining a DIT employee, you can turn in the computer to your supervisor. If you are leaving DIT, read the DIT offboarding document for instructions on turning in your computer. The computer will be restored to factory settings and your data will be deleted from the computer.