IT Self-Support App Overview

Table of contents

The IT Self-Support app empowers employees to easily perform various tasks like downloading software, connecting to printers, and performing basic troubleshooting. and links to relevant information and request forms. It comes installed on DIT Apple computers. The IT Self-Support icon can be found in your Dock.

Software downloads 

Software can be downloaded at any time from the IT Self-Support application. Open the application and browse for software by category.


Connect to printers 

Use IT Self-Support to connect with DIT printers at the Manokin building and on campus.

  1. Click on IT Self-Support app on your tray. 
  2. Click on Printer Installer.
  3. Click Install to install all available printer queues.
    • The software installation may take a few mins.
  4. The list of printers is now available. Click on the drop-down menu to select a printer. Click Add.
    Select a printer
  5. You get a message that the printer queue you selected was successfully added.


IT Self-Support links

In the Bookmarks, Need Something, and IT Self-Support Guide sections of IT Self-Support, you can find links to things such as:


Privileges admin rights app

The Privileges app comes installed on DIT Apple computers. If the app is uninstalled it can be installed through the IT Self-Support app.

  1. From IT Self-Support, click the Security category on the left.
  2. Under the Privileges icon click Install or Reinstall.