Share Your Screen During Person to Person Calls in Webex Teams

You can share your screen during all person to person calls using the desktop application. You can do this prior to initiating the call using a space or during the call.

Share your screen before making the call

  1. In Webex Teams, create or navigate to the space containing the person you wish to share your screen with.
  2. Click the Show space activities button.
  3. Click the Share Screen button.

    Share screen button in space activities section. Use this button to share your screen without first starting a call.

  4. Complete the steps in the options section of this article.

Share your screen during a call

  1. In Webex Teams, click the Call phone icon.
  2. Click Call.
  3. Click the Share screen icon.
     Share Screen icon.
  4. Complete the steps in the options section of this article.

Options to set before screen sharing

  1. If you wish to share your computer audio along with your screen check the Share computer audio checkbox.

    Share computer audio checkbox. When you share content you can also share your computer audio with everyone.

  2. To enable audio sharing from your computer, Webex Teams will install an extension.
    • If any applications are playing audio right now, they may need to be restarted after the installation to resume playing.
  3. If you require a higher quality video stream for a movie clip or animation check the Optimize for video checkbox.

    Optimize for video checkbox. Make your shared movie clips or content with animations play more smoothly.
  4. Select the screen you wish to share to begin sharing your screen. If you are not in an active call, this step will begin the call.