Configure SQL Developer for RADIUS login on MAC OS

Install SQL Developer from Self Service (/Applications/Self This will install SQL Developer with the Oracle Instant Client.

Note that Java 8 is required for SQL Developer to work.

Configure SQL Developer:

In SQL Developer, complete the following steps:

  1. Click on the Oracle SQL Developer menu, then select Preferences

Select 'Preferences' from the Oracle SQL Developer Menu

    1. The Preferences window will open. Expand Database. Select Advanced to open the Database: Advanced window.
    2. Check Use Oracle Client and Use OCI/Thick driver.
    3. Enter appropriate paths in the Oracle Home and Tnsnames Directory fields.
      NOTE: Refer to file paths in the screenshot below.
    4. Click Configure to open the Configure Oracle Client window. Click Test to view any errors.
    5. Click OK to save and exit. 
    6. You will be asked to restart SQL Developer to save the settings.

Environmental variable change (update only when previous configuration doesn't work).

  1. If some computer configured e Environmental variable TNS_ADMIN before, then this variable may need to be updated to use new Oracle client home\network\admin directory.

  2. If Hyperion oracle home variable EPM_ORACLE_HOME was set before, you may want to update this variable to let Hyperion to use new Oracle home as well.

    Oracle SQL Database Preferences