Change Display Name in TERPmail or UMD Gmail


Description of issue

Need to change display name in TERPmail and University of Maryland (UMD) Gmail account.  

Underlying cause

Cannot change display name in TERPmail or UMD Gmail account. 


Staff/Faculty UMD Gmail: The name cannot be changed in a Gmail. Please contact you HR rep. for the name change request.


  1. Login to your Terpmail.
  2. In your inbox, click the Settings (cog wheel) icon.
  3. Click on See all settings
  4. Go to the Accounts tab, then click Google Account Settings.
  5. A new window will open.
  6. Click on Personal Info on the left pane.
  7. Click on the ">" arrow next to your current name.
  8. Authenticate again in a new window.
  9. Edit your display name. Click Save to save the changes.

Graduate students with a Gmail account:

  1. You will need to fill out a Primary Name Change Request Form.
  2. Submit it to the Office of the Registrar, First floor, Mitchell Building.