AWS Compute Terms & Conditions

Effective Date: 2019

The Division of Information Technology is pleased to provide this Amazon Web Services (AWS) Compute service to the campus community. This service provides AWS compute resources to the University of Maryland community. This Service Level Agreement outlines the boundaries of support that we are able to offer.

Service Scope

The provisioning and maintenance of AWS compute servers obtained through the AWS compute service offering.

Types of environments:

Restrictions and Differences between DEV, QA, and PROD environments:

Server/Instance Requests and Fulfillment

Requests for AWS Compute services must be submitted using the form found here.

Once a request has been submitted and approved by the KFS approver the Server/Instance will be created within 30 minutes. ALL small server requests will be provisioned prior to official KFS approval; If final approval for the small server requests is not received within 5 days, the server (and all backups) will be immediately de-provisioned.  

An annual machine budget amount must be provided. The budget balance will be calculated daily and displayed in the administrative dashboard. When the balance has fallen below 10% of the total annual budget, the user must request a budget increase if they wish to continue using the service. If the annual budget amount is exceeded, the machine will be immediately de-provisioned.

An automated renewal reminder will be sent annually to all active servers owners 45 days prior to the service expiration.  If approval is not received by the service expiration date, the server (and all backups) will be de-provisioned .

Server Owner Responsibilities

Acceptable Use of AWS Compute

The AWS compute service is subject to the terms of the University of Maryland Acceptable Use of Information Resources Policy available at:

Please refer to the IT-2 University of Maryland Data Classification Standard to ensure that your data is classified as Low (Level 1) or Moderate (Level 2) . AWS Compute is not suitable for High (Level 3) and Restricted (Level 4) .


DIT's AWS Compute services currently supports OS server backups (Snapshots) twice a day for 14 days. File level backups are not automatically included with servers provisioned through the AWS Compute service. Data protection is the responsibility of the server owner. Division of IT file level backup services may be requested by the server owner here at the Data Backup entry on the Service Catalog

Patching and Maintenance

DIT's AWS Compute services support includes OS patching.  Patch deployments will be announced 15 days in advance to server owners. Critical patches will be pushed out on a more aggressive timeline.  Server reboot post patch deployment is the responsibility of the server owner.

DIT is not responsible for errors that arise as a result of dependencies or incompatibilities between patches and client installed software.

Patches will be pushed by DIT to the production environment. Once pushed to production, there will be no rollback to previous versions.

When a new OS version is available for deployment on DIT's AWS Compute services an email will be sent out to all existing server owners to determine/decide if they want to request a Server OS Upgrade. Server OS Upgrades are to be treated as a new request that should be submitted via a the AWS Compute Request form.  Any existing data would need to be migrated or reinstalled by the owner on the new server.

Managing your server

To manage your server, visit the AWS Compute portal at:

Requesting Assistance

To request assistance, use the Get Support button on the portal and a request will be opened with the appropriate support staff.

What is Not Supported: