ServiceNow: Update Personalized Incident List

The header of the incident list is controlled by clicking on the Personalized List icon (see: gear to the left of the header). More columns can be added or removed by using the arrows in the middle of the screen. You can also change the order of the header by using the up and down arrows on the right. Click OK when done.
Personalized list 
In the list view below, the incidents with Critical/High Priority has a colored dot next to their left. On a mobile device, the entire row is highlighted. If an incident has a green dot next to it, it means it was last updated by a customer.
Incident list 
There is another gear (settings) at the top right of the screen which controls how you see date/time. Here it was changed from Default (Calendar) to Time Ago (See the Opened and Updated columns in the above image).
Task SLAs are located at the bottom of the incident form and are color coded based on elapsed percentage.