Directory Lock Out and How to Regain Account Access

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What is a lock out?

Lock out occurs when you have lost, forgotten, or failed to reset your University Directory ID passphrase. Additionally, several consecutive login failures within a 10 minute period will result in a 10 minute lock out.

How do I access my account after a lock out?

  1. Go to Single Sign On page and click Login Now!.
  2. On the CAS login page, click the Forgot you passphrase? link.
  3. Click Forgot Associate Account Passphrase.
  4. Complete the SMS Passphrase Reset and Security Question Verification form.
  5. Click Reset Passphrase.

What if I forget the answers to my security questions?

Contact the Service Desk for assistance with resetting your account. After a Service Desk representative resets your passphrase, go to the UMD directory page to set your new passphrase and security questions.