Expired License or Subscription Notification in Adobe Creative Cloud

Older versions of Adobe Creative Cloud for UMD students, faculty, and staff required customers to create product keys and renew them yearly through TERPware. 

Now, with the institution of the Enterprise version of Adobe CC, annual renewals are no longer required.

Adobe Subscription Reminder Notification

adobe payment is past due

If you encounter a subscription reminder or expiration notification when attempting to use an Adobe CC application, follow the steps below:

  1. Sign out of your Adobe CC applications on your computer, including Adobe CC Desktop, and sign out of your Adobe account in any open web browsers. You may need to clear your web browser cache in order to complete the following steps.
  2. Go to the Adobe Account Login page on your web browser or re-open Adobe CC Desktop on your device.
  3. Click Sign in with an Enterprise ID
  4. Enter your university email address in the username field: directoryID@umd.edu. Do not enter a password. Click inside the Password field to proceed.
  5. When prompted to Choose an Account, select Enterprise Account.
  6. The Central Authentication Service will open. Enter your Directory ID and Password. Click Login

To learn more, view our IT Library article on logging into your Adobe Creative Cloud Account.