Adding Captions to Zoom Recordings via Panopto

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Panopto is a Canvas-integrated tool that is used to upload, manage, and share media items within Canvas. By adding your Zoom recordings to your Panopto recording folder, you can use Panopto's captioning feature set to add captions to any Zoom recording.

You must first download an MP4 copy of your recording before you can upload it to Panopto. 

Downloading Zoom recordings

  1. Log in to ELMS-Canvas.
  2. Select Zoom from your ELMS-Canvas course space.
  3. Click on the Cloud Recordings link.
  4. Click on the meeting topic for the session you want to download.
  5. Click on the Download link to download a copy of the mp4 file from Cloud Recordings to your local computer.
  6. Under file size, select the files.
  7. Select download.
  8. Download the audio only file or the recording.


Uploading your media to Panopto and adding captions

Now that you have an MP4 copy of your Zoom recording, you can upload it to Panopto and add captions.

  1. Log in to ELMS-Canvas.
  2. Open the course in which you will place the video.
  3. Select Panopto Recordings from the course tools menu.
  4. Click on the Create button.
  5. Select Upload media.
  6. Navigate to and select your saved mp4 file.  You will see a visual that your file is processing.
  7. When processing is complete, your file will show in your Panopto recording list. Panopto will automatically caption all video uploads. This caption rendering process can take up to five times the length of your recording. The captions are machine-generated and as such is roughly 70% accurate. 

NOTE: To ensure captions are being automatically generated, enable them for the entire folder by clicking on the gear icon, selecting Settings, and selecting Automatic Machine Captions

For a fee, instructors can request professional captioning of videos uploaded into the Panopto Recordings from within an ELMS-Canvas course space. For details on this process, visit Request Professional Captioning for Panopto Videos.