G Suite Shared Account: Configure Send From Email Address

Whenever you send an email from a Shared Account, the recipient will see the email address of the person who sent the email:

Email Sent By

To change Sent By to reflect the Shared Account Name when sending email, follow the steps below 

  1. From the Account that shares the email, click the Gear and select Settings.
  2. From Settings, click Accounts.
  3. Click Add another email address.
    Add Another Email Address
  4. Enter the Name and Email Address  for the Shared Account, then click Next Step
  5. Click Send Verification.
  6. Open the Shared email account, then open the email that was just sent. 
  7. Click the link to confirm the request.
    Click the Link to open
  8. Click Confirm in the next window that will open.
  9. Log out, then log back into your email account.  When you compose an email from the Shared Account, select it.
    Select the From Account

NOTE: In order for this to work correctly, you must send email from YOUR account, NOT the Shared Account.  In this example, Jane Doe sent an email as KB Management.