Set Up a Speed Dial Number on Your Cisco IP Phone

Set up a speed dial number

  1. Log in to the Self-Care Portal using your university credentials. If you are off campus, you will first need to connect to Virtual Private Network (VPN) at the University of Maryland.
  2. Click Phone Settings on the left.
  3. Click Speed Dial Numbers to expand the menu.
  4. Click Add New Speed Dial.
    • Enter the entire phone number that will be dialed (i.e. if off campus, include 9 at the beginning).
    • Label the Speed Dial (John's Mobile, Cornerstone, etc.).
    • Enter a speed dial number. (This is the number you will use to dial the speed dial. In most cases, speed dial 1-4 will show up on your phone menu with 1-button dialing). Press OK.
  5. Click the Save button. The speed dial will show up in your phone momentarily.

Dial a speed dial number

  1. If the speed dial appears on your phone's screen, press the corresponding Line Key to dial the number.
  2. If the speed dial is not on your phone's screen, dial the speed dial number then press the (..) soft key to view additional menu options. (for example, if John's Mobile is speed dial number 20, enter 20).
    Phone dialing screen
  3. Choose Speed Dial. The number will dial.

    Phone dialing screen with the focus on the Speed Dial option.