Basic Guide to Using Webex Teams

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Webex Teams is a collaboration platform that can help us get work done whether we're together or apart by using tools like team messaging, online meetings, and whiteboards. Webex Teams is available for free to staff and faculty.

Logging in

Webex Teams can be used in your favorite browser or by downloading the app. Now that you have access to Webex Teams, it's time to log in. Login with your university credentials. You may need to complete a multi-factor authentication prompt.

The basics

Find Navigation on the left. Access the Activity menu by clicking the Cisco Spark activity menu icon 9-dot grid Activity icon. Messages appear in the center of the screen.Navigating the Cisco Spark interface


A space is an area of collaboration, where people can share, chat, call, and meet on the issues at hand. Spaces are temporary (as long as they have people in them they exist) unless they are are part of a Team.


A team is a group of people that can share a defined number of permanent spaces that can be entered, left and entered again.

Read and send messages

Read new messages
Look for the blue dot beside names and spaces. Click to read the new messages.

Read new messages on Cisco Spark

Send a message
You can send a message directly to just one person or to several people.

To send a message to one person directly, click the plus sign Click the plus sign to send a new message and choose Contact a Person and enter their email or name. Then type and send your message.

To send a message to several people, click the plus sign Click the plus sign to send a new message and choose Create a Space. First, name the space. Then select Create, and enter the names and email addresses of the people you want to use the space.

The next time you want to send a message, you can select the name from either the People or the Spaces list.

Send messages in Cisco Spark by selecting a name from People or Spaces

Meet and call people

You can handle video calls and schedule meetings right from Webex Teams, whether you're using it on your computer or mobile phone. Calling is enabled, however the touch tones do not work yet.

Accept and make calls in Cisco Spark

Call someone using their email, name, or phone number

Go to Call in the activity menu.
Use the dial pad to enter the phone number of the person you'd like to call. Or, enter their email address(es) into the search box.
Then select the Call icon.

Make a call in Cisco Spark using the dial pad

Call a person you're messaging

Go to the activity menu Click the Activity Pad in Cisco Spark for more options and choose CallClick the call button in Cisco Spark to make a call

If you do this in a space with several people, everyone's app will ring, and you'll start a call for the entire space.

Call someone on Cisco Spark

Schedule a meeting with other people in a space
Go to the activity menuClick the Cisco Spark activity menu for more options
Choose Meetings and follow the instructions in the app.

Schedule a meeting in Cisco Spark Spaces

Share files and whiteboards

Get input on meeting agendas, give presentations, or share photos, screen captures, or videos.

Share files

Drag and drop your file into the space, and then press Enter.

Share files in Cisco Spark

Create whiteboards

Go to the activity menuClick the Cisco Spark activity menu
Choose Whiteboard.
Select NewClick to create a new whiteboard in Cisco Spark
You can then share your whiteboard among members of your space.

An example of a whiteboard in Cisco Spark