Enroll a Phone Number for Callback Multi-Factor Authentication

Enrolling a phone number to your Duo multi-authentication profile will enable Duo to call your phone to verify your identity. 

This method works with cell phones and landlines.

Enroll Your Phone Number for Callback

    1. Visit the Multi-Factor Authentication Profile page.
    2. Log into the Central Authentication Service (CAS) with your Directory ID and Passphrase.
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    3. The MFA Profile page will open. Click Manage Devices under Devices & Settings.
    4. The My Settings and Devices window will open. Click +Add another device.

      Add another device

    5. The What type of device are you adding? prompt will open. Select Landline. (Don't worry, the phone number can be connected to either a landline or a mobile device.)
    6. Then click Continue.
    7. Enter your phone number in the field provided using this format: (123) 456-7890. A green checkmark will be displayed to the right of the provided field after a phone number has been entered. Click to confirm this is the correct number. Then, click Continue

      Enter a mobile or landline phone number in the Phone Number field.
      Enter the phone number
    8. The Verify Ownership prompt will open. Click Call Me. You will receive an automated call on the number entered in step 6. A six-digit code will be provided during the call as part of the message: "Your code is ######."
    9. Enter the six-digit code in the field provided. Click Verify. Then click Continue.
      Verify Ownership
    10. The My Settings and Devices window will re-open. The Landline option will be listed and marked as Just Added.  Click View Devices in the upper right corner to close the My Settings and Devices window.
      My Settings & Devices
    11. The Landline number will now be listed in the Devices and Settings section of your profile.

For assistance with adding a device to your MFA profile, contact the Service Desk.

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