Create a Standard Change Template

To create a Standard change, use the change template that applies to your change and follow the steps below.

  1. Choose a template by first clicking Change, then selecting Create New from the ServiceNow application menu.
  2. Select Standard.
  3. Click on the category relevant to your Request for Change (RFC). Each category contains one or more existing templates. Click the appropriate link to open the relevant template.
    NOTE: If no template exists for your Standard change yet, you can submit a new template request to the Change Advisory Board (CAB). For more information, view Create a Standard Change Template.
  4. The template contains the description of the change and all the steps involved. As the requester, you complete the remaining fields for Approving Manager, Category, Short Description, Planning, Communication Plan, Schedule and any Work Notes.
  5. Click Request Assessment to send change to your manager for approval.
  6. If the manager issues an approval, the RFC is automatically set to Scheduled and ready to be implemented on your selected start date.
  7. As with all Change requests, once the change has been put into effect, be sure to go back to the change record to enter the Actual Start and End dates and a Work Note indicating the results of the implementation. Once this data is entered, click the Review button at the top of the form to send it to the Change Manager for final review and closure.

For more information see Change Management Policy and Procedures.