Remove a Device from Multi-Factor Authentication

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Remove your only enrolled device

If you have enabled Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) Everywhere and removed your only device, you will not be able to log into CAS authenticated webpages.

For this reason, before removing your only enrolled device, the Service Desk recommends:

NOTE: If you enabled MFA Everywhere and removed your only device, please contact the Service Desk to resolve this issue.


Remove an enrolled device

If you have taken proper precautions and wish revoke access to one of your registered devices: 

  1. Go to your Multi-Factor Authentication Profile, log in and complete the multi-factor authentication.
  2. Click Manage next to Devices and Settings. Complete your multi-factor authentication.
  3. Click Device Options next to the device you want to remove.
  4. Select the Trash Can from the drop-down menu next to the device you wish to remove.
    Trashcan button next to Reactive Duo mobile and Change device name buttons.
  5. You will receive the message Are you sure you want to remove this device? Click Remove.


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Gif going through the steps of how to remove a device from MFA.