Getting Started with Siteimprove

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Introduction to Siteimprove tutorials

UMD offers Siteimprove subscriptions that include access to the following modules: Quality Assurance, Accessibility, Priority and SEO. To learn about these modules, it is recommended that you view the following tutorials provided by Siteimprove.

The following accessibility training and resource tutorials and videos are step-by-step guides to the features available through the Siteimprove platform. A valid Siteimprove account is required to access the following tutorials and videos.

Tutorials or videos marked with an asterisk (*) are available to administrators only. 

General use and settings tutorials


Content Suite tutorials


Quality Assurance


All videos and tutorials


Siteimprove support

  1. Siteimprove Help Center - Siteimprove has a very comprehensive list of tutorials, knowledge articles and training materials in their Help Center.
  2. Contact Siteimprove Help Center directly to ask general questions and to address technical issues at
  3. Contact the DIT IT Accessibility team at