Bypass Codes for Multi-Factor Authentication

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What are bypass codes?

Bypass codes are nine-digit passcodes that you can use to complete multi-factor authentication prompts. Enter the codes in the Passcode field of the MFA prompt. DIT recommends you use bypass codes as a backup for when you do not have your primary MFA device available. Pushing a login request to your phone or tablet is the recommended method for authenticating.


Bypass codes as your primary MFA device

If you are unwilling or unable to use other methods of MFA, you may use bypass codes as a primary means for authenticating.

NOTE: To use bypass codes as your only method of authenticating, contact the Service Desk or visit Terrapin Tech on the ground floor of the Edward St. John Learning and Teaching Center (ESJ), by the Campus Drive entrance. You will need to provide a phone number for first time registration (the number will not be used for authentication and is for record keeping).


Obtain bypass codes

You can get bypass codes by:


Generate your own bypass codes

  1. Visit the Multi-Factor Authentication Profile webpage. Log in to the system. If prompted, complete your multi-factor authentication using an alternative authentication method. To learn more about alternative authentication methods, view the Authenticate with Multi-factor Authentication article.
  2. Select the number of bypass codes you wish to print from the Print Bypass Codes drop-down menu. You may print up to ten (10) bypass codes. Click Generate Bypass Codes.
    Click Generate Bypass Codes next to the Print Bypass Codes drop-down menu
  3. The codes will be displayed in a new window. Click Print.

 Keep your bypass codes in a secure place that only you have access to. Bypass codes are available for one-time use only and will expire after 180 days.


Using bypass codes

  1. Enter your bypass code as you would a passcode.  Login at the Central Authentication Service (CAS) login screen.
  2. Click Enter a Passcode at the MFA authentication prompt.
    Click 'Enter a passcode' to enter a passcode
  3. Enter your nine (9)-digit bypass code. Click Log In.
    Enter 9 digit bypass code and click the Log In button next to the text field
  4. Remember to use your last remaining bypass code to generate more bypass codes. If you run out of bypass codes, contact the Service Desk for help.


Get support

Contact the Service Desk if you have any questions.


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