Connect your Apple TV to the Internet

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To register your Apple TV to the Ethernet network within the dorms, you will need to find the Ethernet MAC address. The MAC address is also known as the physical address. Once you have the Ethernet MAC address, you will register it to the University of Maryland's device management database

Find your Apple TV's Ethernet MAC address

Note: You may be able to obtain the MAC address more easily from a label on the device, the box, or documentation provided with the device.

  1. On the Main Menu on your Apple TV, select Settings.
    Select Settings
  2. In the Settings menu, select About from the menu for the network information.
    Select Network, then Ethernet
  3. The MAC Address is listed as either the Wireless ID or Ethernet Address, based on your current or most recent connection.
    Record Ethernet address

Register and connect your Apple TV

  1. Now that you have the Ethernet MAC address for your Apple TV, you'll use it to register your device to the device management database.
  2. Connect your Apple TV to the umd-iot network using the password assigned in the description field of the MyDevices page. Or, connect using an Ethernet cable.