Add or Remove Owners, Editors, and Moderators from a Listserv

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Roles of owners, editors, and moderators

Owners: The owner oversees the regular operations of the list such as adding and removing users, pursuing resolution to message delivery errors, and possibly configuration changes. It is possible to have more than one owner designated to a given list. 

Editors: if the list being created is intended for distribution of announcements only, individuals who may post can be designated by granting them the role of editor. The established editors would be the only ones with the authority to send messages to the list. 

Moderators: If the list is geared towards discussion among the subscribers, it may be desirable in some cases to have it moderated. Individuals in this role have all messages submitted to the list sent to them for approval prior to being distributed to all subscribers.

Modifying Listserv owner in the Listserv mailing list management interface

  1. Sign into the Mailing list management interface. Click the List Management toolbar option and choose List Configuration and then List Configuration Wizard.
    List management drop down menu with list configuration menu open and highlighting list configuration wizard
  2. In the List Configuration Wizard, choose the List Maintenance tab. 
  3. Using the corresponding boxes, enter the email address(s) of any new owners, editors, or moderators.
  4. Click Save.

Modifying Listserv owner in SIMS

Modifying the owner in SIMS ensures that the listed Owner and Additional Owners will receive an annual alert when the listserv is about to expire. Owners can go to SIMS and Renew a listserv after receiving this notice by clicking Renew next to the listserv if they want to renew. Changing the owner in SIMS does not change the owner on

  1. After modifying ownership of a listserv in the Mailing list management interface, go to You will be directed to the Special Identity Management System (SIMS) homepage.
    NOTE: If you have not already logged into SIMS, click Logon in the upper right corner, of the window. You will be directed to the Central Authentication Service (CAS). Sign in and click Login to continue modifying a listserv through SIMS.
  2. Locate the listserv you wish to modify in the Identities You Own section.
  3. Click Modify to the right of the listserv you wish to modify.
  4. The Modify the email-discussion Identity window will open. Enter a Directory ID in the Owner or Additional Owners fields
  5. Click Submit Modify Request to complete modification of ownership.
    Owner box highlighted on the listerv screen