Change the Ringtone on a Cisco IP Phone

Cisco IP Phones include a number of customizable features that you can directly from your phone, including custom wallpapers and ringtones. While custom wallpapers are limited to your device, custom ringtones can be assigned to each line on your phone. To learn how to change the ringtone on your IP Phone, follow the steps listed below.

  1. Click the Settings (Gear icon) Gear Settings on Phone button on your phone (left side of the Navigation pad).
  2. Use the Navigation pad to scroll to select Ringtone.
  3. If your phone has multiple lines, select a line and press Edit or Select.
  4. Highlight a ringtone.
  5. Press Play to play the sample ringtone.
  6. Press Set to apply the ringtone.
  7. To apply the ringtone to all lines, press Apply To All.
  8. Press Exit to return to the Settings screen.

Custom ringtones can be added to your phone to further personalize your experience. For information about adding custom ringtones to your phone, contact the Service Desk.