Using the Quiz Extensions Tool in ELMS-Canvas

Table of Contents

NOTE: The Quiz Extensions tool does not work with Safari. Please use Chrome or Firefox.

The Quiz Extensions tool allows faculty, teaching assistants, and designers to provide extra time on all timed assessments (quizzes, mid-term and final exams created using the quiz tool) for specific students in an ELMS course, such as those with extended time accommodations as outlined in an accommodations letter from the Accessibility and Disability Service at UMD.

Using the Quiz Extensions tool to give extended time for specific students will only work if the instructor does not put an availability restriction on the quiz that does not allow for the extended time. For example, if the quiz is only available from 10-11 a.m., it will close at 11 a.m. for everyone, even students who should have received extended time beyond 11 a.m. when an instructor used the Quiz Extensions Tool.

Quiz availability settings supersede any time extensions made for specific students using the Quiz Extensions tool.

The Quiz Extensions tool only applies to existing assessments (quizzes, mid-term and final exams) published and unpublished: if a new assessment is added, or a time limit is modified, the following steps must be repeated. Using this tool will overwrite any existing assessment extensions.

Refer to this Panopto video on Extending Time Using the Quiz Extensions Tool.

Best practices before using the Quiz Extensions tool

Running the Quiz Extensions tool

  1. Log in to your course in ELMS-Canvas.
  2. Click Quiz Extension on the course menu.
    • This link is never visible to students.
  3. In the screen that appears, select students from the left-hand menu by clicking on their name, or use the Filter box to quickly find a specific student.
    Filter button next to Student Name search box.
  4. When all the relevant students’ names appear in the right-hand menu, Click Submit.
  5. In the Extend Time window that now displays, use the drop-down menu to select how much extra time the selected students will receive.
    • The predetermined choices are Normal, Time and a Half, Double, Triple, or Quadruple time.
    • You may alternatively enter a custom amount of time to be added as a percentage.
  6. Click Submit.
    Extend time window
  7. Stay on the page while the tool is processing. A window will show that Quizzes have been refreshed and updated.
  8. Select View Results to see a list of the Quizzes that had the Quiz Extension tool applied. A list will be generated showing how much extra time was added to each assessment.
    • Assessments without time limits are skipped.


Editing quiz extensions for a specific student, on a single quiz

To modify the extra time you have allowed for a specific student on a single quiz:

  1. Log in to your course in ELMS.
  2. Select Quizzes from the ELMS navigation menu. Select the name of the Quiz for this extension.
  3. Select Moderate This Quiz. Locate the student’s name from the list, and then select the pencil icon on the right side of the screen.
  4. In the Student Extensions window, edit the number in the minutes box, and select Save.