Clickers (PointSolutions) PowerPoint Polling

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You can build polling questions into a new or existing PowerPresentation via PointSolutions (formerly TurningPoint). 

NOTE:  The PowerPoint files you create or edit in the PointSolutions dashboard will be saved locally to your computer or destination of your choice (e.g., a shared drive).  If you create a PowerPoint presentation on one computer and use a different computer in the classroom, you will need to import the PowerPoint file into PointSolutions in the classroom (see below).  

Import a saved PowerPoint presentation file into the PointSolutions app

  1. Launch PointSolutions from your desktop.
  2. If you have not already imported your PowerPoint presentation file into the PointSolutions app, click on the Content tab and select Import from under the Content dropdown box.
  3. Choose your saved PowerPoint file from its saved location and click OK.
  4. Go back to the Polling tab in the PointSolutions dashboard, and select your PowerPoint presentation file from the Content frame on the left.
  5. You are now ready to add polling slides to your presentation (see below).


Create a new PowerPoint presentation in PointSolutions 

  1. Log into the PointSolutions desktop app using your UMD credentials.
  2. From the Polling tab in the PointSolutions dashboard, select None under the Content frame.
  3. Click on Start now button under "PowerPoint Polling" to open a blank presentation.
  4. You are now ready to create a new PowerPoint presentation and integrate polling slides where you choose in the presentation.


Add polling question slides to PowerPoint presentations through PointSolutions

Adding polling question slides

  1. Click on Start now button under "PowerPoint Polling" to open the presentation.
    • Note that you must open the PointSolutions App before opening your PowerPoint file in order to use polling from within the presentation.
    • If your PowerPoint file is saved on a USB device, you will need to download your file to the classroom computer, and then open the file via PointSolutions from the computer.
  2. Your PowerPoint presentation will open for editing, but notice that you will have a "PointSolutions" tab in the menu ribbon from which you can add polling questions.
  3. Select where in your presentation you wish to add a slide for your polling question.
  4. From the PointSolutions menu ribbon, click New and selection your question type.
    • Clickers and mobile device users can answer multiple choice and true/false questions embedded in your presentation.
    • Mobile device users can also respond to hot spot, word cloud, and priority-ranking questions.
  5. Type in your question where indicated in the new slide, and enter the question answer(s) where indicated (if applicable).

Question options and saving your PowerPoint presentation

  1. In the Question Options panel on the right, Question, Polling, and Scoring options can be selected.
    • Correct answers can be indicated along with point values. 
    • If you do not wish to assign points for correct answers (e.g., you are only interested in participation), set the Correct Point Value and Incorrect Point Value for all answers to the question to the same point value (greater than 0). Do not select the Speed Scoring option in this case.
  2. Save and close your presentation.
    • Remember that your PowerPoint presentation file will be saved to your computer or to the location you specify.
  3. You will be returned to the PointSolutions dashboard.


Preparing for polling and running a session in the classroom

To get started with polling in the classroom, see: Classroom Response System (Clickers) Quick Guide for Classrooms.


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