Use a Turning Technologies Clicker Device to Select a Channel

The University of Maryland supports the use of the Turning Technologies ResponseCard RFLCD. It can be used to select the channel appropriate to the classroom that is being used and to select the appropriate response to a question asked by the instructor.

Changing Channels on a clicker device

  1. Press the CH (or Channel) button in the lower left-hand corner of your clicker.
  2. The light in the time right corner will flash red and green.
  3. Enter the two-digit channel code. This code will either be displayed in the classroom or provided by the instructor.
  4. Press CH again.
  5. When the clicker device receives the new channel, a small light on the device will turn green.

Interpreting Light Signals Displayed by the clicker device

The following light signals will be displayed by your clicker: