DRUPAL: Set Up SSH Access (PC)

After you initialize your GitLab account, by logging in to gitlab.umd.edu, you can manage your SSH access through your profile settings. To learn more about SSH Keys, visit this guide

Generate a SSH Key

  1. Download and install the Git for Windows application
  2. Check to see if a SSH Key already exists on your PC, by running the following command in Git-Bash:
    cat ~/.ssh/id_rsa.pub

NOTE: If you receive a message that indicates that there is NO SUCH FILE OR DIRECTORY, that indicates that there are not any SSH keys on your PC and you will need to generate one before continuing. Learn how to generate a SSH Key with a SSH Keygen on your PC

A best practice for securing the SSH key is to add a passphrase.

Add SH Key to GITLAB

  1. Copy the contents of your id_rsa.pub file (please copy the complete key starting with ssh-rsa and ending with your username and host).
  2. Log into GitLab account.
  3. Select Profile Settings from the menu.
  4. Select SSH Key menu.
  5. Paste the key to the SSH Keys text area and type a title that describes your device.