Departmental Cellular Representatives

Departmental Cellular Representatives (DCRs) are the only people authorized to purchase cellular phones and services for university use through the university Master Contracts managed by DIT. Please contact your DCR to place all requests for service. You may find your DCR's phone number and e-mail address in the Faculty/Staff Directory.

To register to be a DCR, you must complete the DCR Form (click DCR_From.pdf in the Attachments section below to download) and have it approved by your department head or designee. Contact the NCT Service Center at 301.405.1500 if you have any questions concerning cell phone ordering procedures.

For more information, see the Departmental Cellular Representatives.

For a list of Departmental Telecommunications and Data Representatives (DTRs and DDRs) and LAN Administrators, view the Department Representatives, Business Managers, and LAN Administrators article.

Department or College
Academic Affairs Donna Moore,
Beverly Rodgerson,
Gregory Stoker
Academic Affairs - Provost Ashley Black
Aerospace Engineering Laura Thorsen,
LaVita Williams
Aerospace UAS Test Site Sherrita Rose
AGNR - CIT-Information Technology Tim Hammond
Agriculture Sherry Corbin,
Loc Hoang,
Theresa Presley,
Teri Smith
Agriculture-- Central Maryland Connie Surosky
Agriculture -- Region 1&2 Debra Cunningham
Agriculture and Natural Resources, College of Glenda Canales,
Tim Hammond,
Adam Pinkard,
Daniel Ramia,
Theresa Simmons
Agriculture and Resource Economics

Jeff Cunningham,
Ruba Abukhdeir,
Kia Mattews

American Studies
Animal/Avian Science Janice Barber,
Angela Black,
Daniel Bruce,
Michael Mobley,
Sandra Nola
Anthropology Betsy Slack
Appalachian Lab Cami Martin
Architecture, Planning, and Preservation Ingrid Farrell,
Kathy Thorne,
Cynthia Williams
Arts and Humanities Rebecca Sommer
Kathleen Cavanaugh,
Nathan Kuhn
Arts and Humanities - NFLC Natalie Aguayo,

Asian American Studies Program Grace Lee
Astronomy Barbara A. Hansborough
Lee Mundy,
Adrienne Newman
Athletics Monica Chung,
Augustus Sam II,
Derek Shore
BSOS - Dean's Office Sarah Goff-Tlemsani
BSOS - Maryland Population Research Center Sarbartha Bandyopadhyay
BSOS - START Center William Braniff,
Eamon Diab
Biology Wan Chan
Business Services-- Administration Matthew Raeder
Business Services-- Printing Teresa Thacker
Career Center David Jensen
Cell Biology and Molecular Genetics Pamela Ainsworth,
Simone Lord-Attivor,
Pamela Moffett,
Raju Shah,
Kathleen Stauder
Center for Advanced Study of Languages Melissa Moore
Center for International Development and Conflict Management Moussa Traore
Center for Recruitment Justin Edgar
Center for Substance Abuse Research Sandra Carcamo
Central Maryland Research and Education Center Carol Ann Hill
Central Maryland Research and Education Center - Beltsville Kevin Conover
Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering Michael McNicholas
Chemical and Life Sciences Nabeela Alam,
Nicole Horvath,
Mike Landavere
Civil and Environmental Engineering Wanda Behlin,
Catherine LaPadula,
Christina Nobleman,
Ellen Neal,
Michael Pack,
Christopher Villas
Civil and Environmental Engineering - CapWIN Wanda Behlin
Civil and Environmental Engneering - CATT Ellen Neal
Civil and Envionmental Engineering - MATOC Taran Hutchinson
Clarice Smith Performing Arts Center - ARHU Bobby Asher, Jacqueline Gutrick,
Jacqueline Robison, Fernando Merchan,
Computer, Mathematical & Physical Sciences, College of Dean Kitchen,
Judy Leung
Computer, Mathematical & Physical Sciences - ESSIC Vicki Brewer
Computer Science, Department of Sharron D. McElroy
Conferences & Visitor Services Christopher Sazama
Cooperative Extension Mindy Abrams-Payne,
Suzanne Klick,
Theresa Queen,
June Thomas
Counseling, Higher Education and Special Education Amleset Teklegiorgis
Criminology and Criminal Justice Rebecca Johnson,
Donna Owens
Curriculum and Instruction Patricia F. Campbell
Dining Services Chris Chow,
Karen Kimmel
Division of IT Madeleine Allen,
Elena E. Franzoi,
Yen Lin,
Carmen Roberts,
LaToya Saunders,
William Swygert,
David Toledo
Division of IT/Admin Services Cate O. Barger,
Rebecca Forbes,
Cynthia Hoffman,
DIT-Business Support Services Lesley Roberts
Division of IT/MAX Tessa Charlery
Earth System Science Interdisciplinary Center Mark Baith,
Jean LaFonta,
Aina Ahanmisi
Economics Dorinda Kimbrell,
Mark Wilkerson
Education Otto Gonzalez,
Andrea Norris,
Dian Poore,
D. Hakim Scott,
Education Abroad Francisca Cortes
Electrical and Computer Engineering Victoria Berry,
Kristen Little,
Bryan Quinn,
Asante Shakuur,
Nikeya Veney
Engineering -- Fischell Dept. of Bioengineering Karen Lasher
Engineering Information Technology-DETS Lalitha Shalini
Engineering -- Maryland Technology Enterprise Karen Russo
Engineering -- Special Programs -- Undergraduate Recruitment Jane Fines
English Department Shawn Saremi
Enrollment Service Lisa Packett,
Jesse Reinhold,
Breanna Schreiber,
Teddy Wu
Entomology Amy Brown,
Jamie Carrigan,
Tamma Hammond,
Jaclyn K. Hopkins,
William Katsereles
Environmental Safety Matthew A. Hicks,
Deloris Jeter,
Karah Johnson,
Karol Salisbury
Environmental Safety - Fire Marshal's Office Matthew Hicks
Facilities Management Robert Jordan,
James Maloney,
Woodrow Mills,
Ryan Smith,
Andrew Varshine,
Rhoanna Egan
Family Sciences Doris Richardson,
Jinhee Kim,
Food Safety & Applied Nutrition Mary Grimley
Fraternity and Sorority Life Michelle Allen,
Linda Kuligowski,
Robert Nichols,
Matthew Supple
Geography Mary Mitkish,
Wilhelmina Johnson,
Erin Jacobs
Golf Course Terry Piper
Government and Politics Shibley Telhami,
Denise Wist
Graduate School Kathleen Worthington,
Teddy Wu
HIDTA Robert W. Bouland,
Lou Deveaux,
Sherae Lonick,
Linda Santos
Hearing and Speech Sciences Rachelle Beasley
Honors College - UGST Jessica Harrington,
Nicole Jenkins,
LaJeune McMullen
IES-Study Abroad Aggie Danielewicz
Information Studies, College of David Baugh,
Kathleen Fominaya
Institute for Governmental Service and Research Grace Babukiika,
Patricia Keys,
Mehul Shah
Institute for International Programs Heather Simms,
Mary Whitney
Institute for Research in Electronics & Applied Physics

Nancy Boone,
Jim O'Connor,
Taylor Prendergast,

Institute for Systems Research Carla Scarbor
Institutional Research and Planning Eowyn Ellison,
Sharon La Voy
Jewish Studies
Joint Program Survey Methodology Duane Gilbert,
Simone Lord-Attivor,
Mark Van Pelt
Journalism, College of

Clint Bucco,
Emily Hartz,
Janet Woolery

Kinesiology Regina Clary
Libraries Jill Fosse,
Alex Guzman,
Victoria Quartey,
Preston Tobery,
William Walker
Math Liliana Gonzalez,
Rhyneta Gumbs
Maryland China Initiative Margaret Kuhn
Maryland Fire and Rescue Institute (MFRI) Michael E. Cox,
Robyn Dwyer,
Patricia Keely
Maryland Small Business Development Center Doris Grantham,
Mary Lee Kolich,
Alvin Brown
Materials Science and Engineering Michael McNicholas
Mechanical Engineering Kimberley Frye,
Penny Komsat
Music, School of Tina Hoitt
National Foreign Language Center Jeffrey S. Dockendorf,

Nutrition and Food Science Y. Martin Lo
OACS (Office of Academic Computer Services) Carolyn Glover,
Donna Middledorf,
Amanda Pickles
Office of International Affairs Lucie Covey,
Mary Fortier,

Office of Community Engagement Gloria Aparicio Blackwell
Office of Professional Studies
Office of Student Conduct Leslie Stubbs
Office of the Comptroller Olga Funes
Office of International Affairs Lucie Covey
Office of International and Executive Programs Robert Blevins,
Nicholas Lassalle
Orientation Dian Squire,
Gerry B. Strumpf
Physics Lorraine DeSalvo,
Cheryl Ekstrom,
Harold Owens,
Kristin Stenson,
Mary Sutton
Plant Sciences and Landscape Architecture Yifei Fan,
Michelle Pridmore
President's Office Kanitta Tonggarwee,
Damaris Viera,
PRES-ICA-Director's Office/Admin Ryan Turgeon
Procurement and Supply George H. Sheets
Procurement and Strategic Sourcing Jeanne Hubbard

Patricia Bell,
Anthony H. Chan,
Gaye Bugenhagen,
Enamul Haque,
Merle Henry

Public Policy, School of Adrienne Mayo-Brown,
Kathleen Monroe,
Caroline Pulliam
Public Safety Lisa Breeden,
Lisa Kwok,
Mark McGuigan
Registrar's Office David Vander Velden,
Toya Williams
Research Administration & Advancement Vonetta Perkins
Research, Division of Brian Darmody,
Cheryl Givens,
Theresa Grimley, 
Veronica Lewis,
Susan Pesce,
Nikeya Veney
Residential Facilities

Christopher Moore,
Brennitta Welcher,
Erica Williams,
Trisha Lay,

Resident Life Christopher Moore,
Linh Nguyen,
Dai-An Tran
R.H. Smith School of Business Lee Comstock,
Tina Marie Rollason,
Fuping Tong
School of Public Health - Dean's Office Jessica Duque
Sea Grant Lucinda Botlero,
Dany Burns,
Kimberly Cox,
Toye Stokes,
Teri Zillmer,
Smith IT Harold Corona,
Theresa Ewing,
Holly Mann,
Arimah Williams
Student and Academic Services Cherrelle Lawrence
Student Financial Aid Kathy Orhelein
Teaching and Learning, Policy and Leadership Stephanie Goodwin
Transportation Services

Darryl Johnson,
Joel Solorzano,
Jenny DeLarosa

UMCES - Appalachian Laboratory Heather Johnson
UMCES - Center Administration Susan Collins,
Erica Kropp,
Dorothy Samonisky
UMCES - Chesapeake Biological Laboratory Letty Cyrus,
Cynthia Dixon,
Stacy Maffei,
Gus Mercanti,
Mike Santangelo
UMCES - Horn Point Laboratory Jane Gilliard,
Mary Ann Manley,
Jeff Miley
UMIACS Margit Gedra,
Barbara Lewis
Undergraduate Admissions Jackie Zloch
Undergraduate Studies Sharon Tharkur,
William Cohen
University Health Center Donald Kleppinger
University Human Resources Ladonna Hopkins
University of Maryland Biotechnology Institute/CARB Christian Presley
University of Maryland Biotechnology Institute/COMB Gary Jones,
Matt Moore
University of Maryland Biotechnology Institute/Facilities Jim Johnson,
Alison Sandberg,
Sheila Williams
University of Maryland Biotechnology Institute/OIS Collin Smith
University of Maryland Extension Dee Dee Allen,
Brett Kinnamon,
June T. Thomas,
Tomiko Thomas
University of Maryland Extension - WMREC Pamela K. Thomas
University Relations Ruth Anderson,
Geoffrey Curtis,
Rose-Marie Daniere,
Andrew Dinbokowitz,
John Evans,
Nancy Marsanopoli,
Angela Mudd Rahmani,
Donna DuBerry
University Relations - Alumni Association Andrew Dinbokowitz
University Relations - Communications David Ottalini,
Neil Tickner,
Leon Tune
University Relations - Development Maria Cabnal,
Leslie Coleman,
Edward Lewis,
Regina Tracy
University Relations - Office of the Vice President Molly Wilkinson
University System of Maryland - Office of Information Technology Frederick Hayes,
Judith Young-Espeut
USG-Marketing and Communications Kristen Koehler
Veterinary Medicine Tam Ong
VP - Academic Affairs Donna Moore
VP - Administraton and Finance Catherine Bennett,
Anne Martens,
E. Jane Mulliken
VP - Research

Brian Darmody,
Cheryl Givens,
Jeffrey Snider

VP - Student Affairs Kate Blanch,
Lisa Carroll
VPUR-Development Linda Guerrine
VPR- MPowering the State Wendy Jagat
Western Maryland Research and Education Center Carol Ann Hill
Wye Research and Educational Center Deborah Dant,
Richard Gomez,
Lenwood Hall,
Jean Hopkins,
Martha Milligan,
Andrew Ristvey,
Barbara South,
Joseph Streett,
Nan Stenzel