Active Directory

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About Active Directory

Active Directory (AD) is the database of user accounts, groups, computers, and other resources that comprise a Windows Server based network environment. The user accounts and PHR groups in our Active Directory are created by and synchronized with the campus enterprise directory.

The purpose of Active Directory is to create a centrally managed infrastructure to maintain and secure Microsoft Windows 2008 R2, 2012 R2, and 2016 servers and desktops throughout campus. This infrastructure will provide centralized authentication, authorization, and management services for Windows-based computers, applications, and windows support devices.  Active Directory Service Accounts provide additional functionality, including data retrieval.

Departments no longer need to purchase and maintain domain controllers for a departmental Active Directory environment. Domain controllers are centrally managed by the Division of Information Technology, monitored 24 by 7, and located in several geographic areas to provide redundancy and ensure reliability. Centrally maintained information is updated constantly and need not be duplicated by departments.

This article is specific to services that can be requested via the Active Directory. For related services, see the information at the end of this article.


OU administrator access

The OU (Organizational Unit) Administrator Access request form allows for the creation or assignment of OU's for the management of campus devices (e.g. laptops & desktops).


Active Directory Service account request

The Active Directory Service Account Request form enables service account owners to request the following functionality.

Certain options allow for a record to be created or updated in the website registry hosting portal. For more information, see Website Registration & Hosting Portal.


Related services

Active Directory Temporary Accounts are maintained via a separate service page.