IT Policies and Security Resources for Students

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IT policies and standards

For more information about your IT responsibilities and the acceptable use of the University's Information Technology resources please visit our IT Policies and Standards page.



Phishing is an attempt made by an individual or group to obtain personal information from unsuspecting users by posing as a trusted organization or individual, such as technical support or one's bank. Commonly, this is done through email messages that are specifically crafted to look similar to actual communications sent by the organization or individual, at times even using real company logos and information. Please forward any possible phishing email messages to You may also call the IT Help Desk at (301) 405-1500 to speak with a customer service agent about the issue.

We encourage you to visit our What is Phishing page for more information.


Project NEThics

Project NEThics consults with faculty, students, and staff on issues of legal and ethical use of computing resources, including interpretation of university policies. For more information, visit the Project Nethics page.


Security incident

The Security Operations Center helps handle and mitigate security incidents when they occur. If you believe you have detected a security incident please report it.


Security tips