Data Warehouse Access for Student Data Power Users

The Data Policy Advisory Committee (DPAC) approved the creation of a Power Users group in 2013. The Power Users have access to Student data for all schools, in addition to data for their own school. There are two possible Power Users appointed per school or division. Each Dean may identify one Power User for their college, as well as a backup individual.
A Student Data Power User is:
  1. Appointed by the Dean or Vice President.
  2. A trusted individual who is familiar with institutional data. Current or prior access to student data is recommended. The person may also be taking on a new role that requires access to a larger subset of student data.
  3. An individual who has experience with query/reporting tools, such as Hyperion, Tableau, or SAS.
Access to data is not granted until data training is completed by Registrar and Enrollment Management personnel. Other mandatory training consists of quarterly meetings of the group. The group serves as a resource for any questions the Power User may have. The quarterly meetings are run by the Registrar's Office, Enrollment Management, IRPA, and the Office of Data Administration (ODA).
Access to the Student data must be renewed every Fall. If requests are not submitted and approved, all previous UM DW data access will be removed. The ODA coordinates this annual effort.
For the Applicant:
  1. Complete and submit the access form for Power Users. Complete and submit the UM DW Student Data Power User Access Request.
  2. Please note that your request will be routed to your Dean and two Data Stewards for approval. This process generally takes about four weeks. Check the status of your request.
For Deans and Campus Data Stewards:
  1. View items awaiting your approval.
  2. Check status of items you have already approved

See also Manage Data Warehouse Access Requests for Power Users of Student Data and Submit the Form for Data Warehouse Access for Power Users of Student Data.