Add Additional Devices for Use with Duo Multi-Factor Authentication

You can add as many additional devices to your Duo Mulit-factor authentication account as you would like. Additional devices associated to your account may act as a backup in case your primary device is forgotten, lost, stolen, or malfunctioning. 

Add an additional device to Duo Multi-factor authentication

  1. Visit the Multi-Factor Authentication Profile page; login with your university credentials. Enter your university credentials. If prompted, complete your multi-factor authentication.
  2. Click Manage under Devices & Settings.
  3. Complete your multi-factor authentication.

    Prior to obtaining bypass codes, you will need to enroll in MFA and register a mobile or landline phone number (The number will not be used for authentication and is for record keeping purposes only). To learn more, view the steps in our IT Library article on First Time Enrollment in Multi-factor Authentication.
  4. Click Add another device. 

    Duo settings and devices screen. 2 devices listed. Add another device link(highlighted)

  5. Select what type of device you are adding. Click Continue.
  6. Select the iOS (or tablet). Click Continue.
  7. Make sure that Duo Mobile is installed on the device you are adding. Click I have Duo Mobile Installed.
  8. Scan the code from Duo Mobile on the device you wish to activate. Click Continue.

    Example QR code to scan.

  9. Your device should be added and ready to use.

This clip summarizes the steps outlined above: