Associate Account Registration

Associate account Directory IDs will be the entire email address ( Directory passphrases are valid for up to 365 days. Account holders will be notified via email to reset and update their passphrases to prevent deletion of the account.

The activation link provided in emails will be active for four hours before it expires now (with prior approval from DIT Security). If an associate account passphrase expires, it is suspended and they have 180 days to reset their passphrase, otherwise, the account will need to be re-registered. 

For ELMS-Canvas: For users creating an Associate Account for ELMS-canvas, they need to log into Elms-Canvas after they create their accounts and set their passphrases to be able to be added to a course.

For Open Learning: For users creating an Associate Account for Open Learning, they need to go to the Open Learning course enrollment link that they were provided or to the Open Learning storefront after creating their Associate Account to enroll.

  1. Visit Associate Account Registration and complete all the fields to register.
    • Check the reCAPTCHA checkbox before clicking the Submit button.
  2. Click Accept to confirm your Directory ID and agree to follow the Acceptable Use Guidelines.
  3. You will receive a message confirming the request, and passphrase setup instructions will be emailed to your address.
  4. Visit the link provided to activate your account and set a passphrase. The link expires after 4 hours and accounts that are not confirmed will be deleted after 12 months.
    Click the link provided in the email.
  5. Enter a new passphrase for your account, then click Update Passphrase.
  6. You should now see confirmation that the account is successfully set up and activated.
  7. You may update your profile by visiting Associate Account Management.
    • Log in with your Directory ID and passphrase.
  8. After a successful login, you may edit your profile.
    Edit Profile