Networked-Storage Service Standard Service Level Agreement

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This Service Level Agreement (SLA) is between the Division of Information Technology (IT) and its Customers. Under this SLA, IT agrees to provide, at the rates and for the duration specified, network-attached storage services (the Service) for subscribing units and departments of the University of Maryland. This SLA also outlines other topics pertinent to the Service; including requisites for the service, the available storage policies for the service, and the identification of responsibilities of both IT and its Networked-Storage Service Customers (the Customer).


Terms of agreement

This SLA is for the current fiscal year and subsequent years until an amendment is initiated by either the Division of IT or the Customer. On July 1st of each year, this agreement will be renewed with the same terms of agreement, unless either the Division of IT or the customer submits an "intent to change" sometime prior to the renewal date. The Service can be discontinued at any time, by either party, with 30 days written notice. Upon written notice for service discontinuance from either the Customer or IT, the Customer and IT shall finalize all incurred costs as dictated by the Terms of Agreement agreed to upon the time of service registration.


Terms of service

Service requisites

IT hereby informs the Customer that there are technical requirements that the Customer should have in place before IT can guarantee acceptable functionality with the Service. The Customer agrees to meet those requirements before registering service and shall maintain the requirements throughout the term of this Agreement. In return, IT will not set forth additional requisites after the Customer has registered for the Service in a manner that will prohibit use of the Service without the express written consent of the Customer.


Standard service policies

The Customer is hereby informed that IT has developed Standard Service Policies (Policies) that have been engineered to meet Customer needs in terms of performance, reliability and availability. The Policies, as currently defined in official IT documentation available online, each carry a set of benefits, risks and costs. It is the responsibility of the Customer to be informed of all Policies available for the Service and to select the correct levels of service to meet their needs. IT will adhere to the available Policies for the Customer. Any changes to the Standard Service Policies will be communicated to the Customer with 30 days written notice.


Additional service features

In addition to the Standard Service Policies, IT provides additional Service Features (Features) that a Customer may request in order to meet extenuating requirements. Feature definitions are available through official IT documentation available online. The Features may carry additional requisites, costs, benefits and risks that the Customer should be informed about. Changes to Service Features will be communicated to the Customer with 30 days written notice.


Service costs

The Service, its Policies and its Features may have defined costs that will be incurred against a Customer's Kuali Financial System (KFS) account. It is the Customer's responsibility to understand the costs associated for each Policy and Feature of the Service. It is also the Customer's responsibility to provide the KFS information to IT upon service registration. Changes to the KFS information shall be made in writing to IT. Costs are billed on a monthly basis. IT will provide an invoice for the previous month's charges to the listed administrative and technical contacts for the Customer.


Operational controls

IT operational controls and expectations

Customer controls and expectations

By Submitting this form, the Undersigned Customer agrees to all sections of the standard service level agreement. The Customer acknowledges that service policy requests and updates shall be provided to IT in writing, at which point the Customer acknowledges that he or she has read and understands the benefits, risks and costs of the service policy that they are requesting. The customer also acknowledges that they meet the requirements of the networked-storage service. Further, the customer agrees that all University Policies on the Acceptable Use of Information Technology Resources shall be adhered to by all representatives of the Customer who may access the networked-storage service for academic, research or administrative use.