XFINITY on Campus FAQs

  1. What is XFINITY On Campus or "XOC"?
    XFINITY On Campus is a live TV streaming service. Students will be able to watch movies, TV shows from any device (laptop, phone, and tablet) over the campus internet. Students also have the ability to purchase premium channels on a month-to-month basis directly via this service.
  2. Who has access to XOC?
    Xfinity on Campus is available to residents of the University's on-campus residence halls, Greek chapter houses, and South Campus Commons/University Courtyards.
  3. How do students access XOC?
    To launch XFINITY On Campus from a PC or Mac:
    From a mobile device students will need to download the XFINITY APP and select XFINITY On Campus and type in University of Maryland. From this they will need to use their regular UMD directory login and password.
  4. Can off campus students get XOC?
    No, it is a service that is only available to on-campus residents.
  5. I moved off campus, can I keep my XOC?
    No, resident assignment data is updated early each morning so if you moved out today, you will not be able to access XOC after tomorrow morning.
  6. I'm having trouble getting the XOC app loaded on to my device?
    Go to the XOC website and follow the links for XOC support.
  7. Who makes repairs to problems with the coax cable in student rooms?
    Students who report trouble with their coax cable TV in their room should go to the following website: ., follow the link to submit a trouble ticket to Comcast, and schedule an appointment for a technician to make any necessary repairs.   Comcast technicians are responsible for fixing broken cable television wall jacks as well as helping students with problems getting a picture, etc.  Students must be home to escort a technician into the building and into their residence hall room to make these repairs