Use the ELMS Management Tool to Set a Grade Scheme and Export Grades to UMEG

Parts two and three of the three-step process of submitting mid-term and final grades from ELMS-Canvasto UMEG include setting a grade scheme and then initiating the grade export to UMEG. These actions are then followed by instructor approval of grades in UMEG.

NOTE: Mid-term grades may only be exported from ELMS to UMEG during the months of October (for Fall) and March (for Spring). After this designated time, mid-term grades must be manually entered in UMEG using Enter Grades

NOTE: To ensure the success of this process, pop-up blockers must be disabled in your web browser.

  1. Go to and log in using your Directory ID and password.
  2. From the ELMS Management Tool menu, click Submit Grades.
  3. Select the appropriate term. Click Load Courses From ELMS-Canvas.
  4. From the Select a course dropdown, choose the course whose grades you wish to upload. From the Select a grading scheme format drop-down, select your preferred grading scheme type, either A+ to F or S/F. The Course Information window will open. Click Review Grading Scheme.
    Review Grading Scheme
  5. Depending on your grading scheme choice, a corresponding grade format table will open. 
    NOTE: If you have used the tool in the past, the scheme you created in previous uses will appear. You can leave it as is or make changes as you like.
    Grade Format table
  6. Set your grading scheme by filling in the cells. Enter the lowest possible value (percentages without the % symbol) in each Cut-off field for the grades indicated. (For example, if you want your lowest A- score to be 90%, place 90 in the cell below A-.) You can use as many or as few fields as you like to create your scheme, but you must create one, and values must be in descending order.
    NOTE: This scheme will NOT migrate back to ELMS-Canvas.

    Examples of Acceptable Grading Schemes:
    Acceptable Grading Schemes
  7. Click Update Scheme & Load Grades. A preview of grades for your course roster will open. Review to ensure that it is correct.
    Grade Preview
  8. Click Submit to send the ELMS-Canvas grades, adjusted to your grading scheme, to UMEG.
    NOTE: Teaching Assistants (TAs) can create grading schemes and Submit for an instructor, but they cannot endorse them in UMEG.
    • Instructors: Log in to UMEG to transfer the grades and then complete the next set of steps in UMEG.
    • Teaching Assistants: Log in to UMEG to transfer the grades. After you log in to UMEG, your task is complete. Let your instructor know the grades have been transferred to UMEG and are ready for his/her review and final approval.
  9. Instructors, after logging into UMEG, select the Grades tab, and then click Enter Grades.
  10. Confirm that the term is correct, select your course/section from the drop-down, and then click display to view grades.
  11. Review the grades as they are listed in UMEG. Make changes where necessary. For example, the Z option cannot be imported from ELMS-Canvas. Z indicates a student who has failed to attend class, but who has not dropped that class.
    NOTE: Changes you make in UMEG will NOT migrate back to ELMS-Canvas.
  12. When your review is complete, if necessary, Prepare Your ELMS-Canvas Gradebook to Upload Scores to UMEG.
  13. Click Submit Midterm Grades or Submit Final Grades (as appropriate) to transfer grades to UMEG.
    NOTE: Only the instructor of record can officially submit grades.
    Submit Grades

For more information, view Prepare Your ELMS-Canvas Gradebook to Upload Scores to UMEG (step one of this three-step process).