Send a Document to Email using Printers on Campus

Printers and scanners on campus are placed on an Internet-accessible IP space, by default, and can be used to scan documents and send documents through email.

  1. Review the documentation on how to configure scanning to email for your device.
  2. Apply the following changes to your device:
    • SMTP Server address (Email setting) should be set to: .
    • Use SMTP over SSL for sending email.
    • Set the Port Number to 25, and the SSL Port Number to 25.
    • Set any Admin, Device, or SMTP Authentication E-mail and User ID to an email address.
  3. Contact your departmental IT representative. The departmental IT representative should send a request to, or call the Service Desk at 301.405.1500, with the following information:
    • You want to add an SMTP Server to
    • Description of the device (make and model).
    • IP address of the device.
  4. You will be contacted by the Service Desk once request has been fulfilled.