Copy a UMD Google Drive Folder Including Sub-folders and Contents to TERPmail using the Copy Folder Script

To transfer your UMD Google Drive folders and sub-folders across a domain, you must use the Chrome browser. In addition you need to download the Copy Folder Chrome utility.

Download and install the Chrome utility

  1. Open the Chrome browser.
  2. Go to the Chrome Webstore. On the Copy Folder window, click Add to Chrome.
  3. The window Add Copy Folder will open. Click Add app.
  4. A window will open in Chrome showing all the apps supported by this utility.

Copy Folders, Sub-folders, and Contents

  1. Click Copy Folder.
  2. Use Chrome to log into the UMD Google account that owns the folder.
  3. Share the folder with the domain you would like to copy it to (e.g., TERPmail).
  4. Open a private/incognito window and log into TERPmail.

    : To log into an incognito window, click the three vertical dots in the upper right hand corner and select New Incognito Window.

  5. Log into TERPmail and open the Drive app.
  6. Select the folder that has been shared.
  7. Create a copy of the files and folders, drag them to My Drive and the TERPmail account will now be the owner.
  8. Remove the original files once they are copied.