Request the Storage Device Destruction Service

The Storage Device Destruction Service is a free service to securely destroy storage devices such as hard drives and tape drives. This request can only be requested through your IT representative or Business Manager. Due to data retention standards, requesting the service is controlled and restricted to UMD employees familiar with data retention standards.

Service Request Steps for a Department IT representative or Business Manager

  1. Go to the Storage Device Destruction Service in the ITSC Service Catalog.
  2. Click the Storage Device Destruction link under Request this Service. A Storage Device Destruction form will open. Complete the following fields on the form:
    • Secure Storage Media Destruction Release form on the right side: All questions must be answered with Yes to submit the form.
    • Media type: Hard drive, Tape, Disk or Other.
    • Device Serial # (Barcode): Located on the device by manufacturer.
    • UMCP Tag #: Tag # will be on a sticker located on your device installed by the university.
    • Requested Drop off Date: Day you plan to drop off the devices.Destruction Service window.
  3. Click on the Request Now button to submit your request.

 What's Next?

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