Shared Mailboxes and Calendars with Shared Accounts and Google Groups

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Google accounts are designed for individual users, but there are three ways to share the mail and calendaring features of UMD Google accounts with colleagues for collaborative purposes.

Request a shared mailbox

Shared mailboxes allow multiple people to read and send mail from the shared address, rather than from their personal accounts. Shared mailboxes are recommended for organizations that require a single email address as a point of contact. Shared accounts also offer the following features:
Shared mailboxes have the following limitations:

UMD faculty and staff can request a Shared mailbox account from the Service Catalog.


Set up mail delegation for Gmail

UMD faculty and staff can grant a colleague access to their UMD Gmail account by setting up mail delegation. Mail delegation allows an appointed delegate to access your Gmail and execute the following actions:

Mail delegation is recommended for faculty and staff who wish to share access to their Gmail account with a limited number of colleagues.

Learn how to add a delegate or remove a delegate at the Google Support Center


Create a Google Group

Google Groups, or collaborative inboxes, are similar to shared mailboxes, but Groups lack some of the limitations of shared mailboxes. Groups is a unique collaboration tool that can facilitate a simple mailing list, a mailing list with advanced functions (like moderation), a question and answer forum, or an announcement board. Some core features of Google Groups include:

UMD faculty or staff member may request a Google Group from SIMS.


Create a Shared Drive 

UMD faculty and staff who wish to share and create documents with colleagues are encouraged to create a Shared Drive for their office, unit, group, or organization. 

Shared Drives are Google Drive spaces that are separate from any individual user's account. This means that even if the person who created content saved in a Shared Drive leaves or has his or her account disabled, the content will remain accessible to everyone else in the Shared Drive. Shared Drives are a great way to:

Shared Drives may be created by any faculty or staff with a UMD Google account.

Learn more about Shared Drives in the IT Library.